About Us

KG Web Concepts is a Full Service Internet Web Design Company that grew out of a smaller design firm named K.G.W Design.  I simply asked myself “what should a designer or a full service design company be doing to help a client?  What starts the design and development process? Isn’t this what it really boils down to?  In order to accomplish this, K.G.W Design had to grow and it found a perfect match and mate developing first, KG Web Concepts and then merging with Wide World Media, LLC as it’s new web design division.

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Innovative Concepts for a Quality Internet Presence!

Now for a name for this new larger venture and again using a little creativity I simply looked up the meaning of the word “concepts”.  In general usage, the term mainly denotes “idea” or “notion”.  Now when I equate this to Web Design it comes down to this – Innovative Concepts & Ideas – Often the most overlooked part of designing.  Is your concept complete, or do you need some brainstorming and ideas? This is the beginning of KG Web Concepts, careful thought and planning, then the design, visit casino en ligne france for more information.  My small initial vision became reality.

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Any way I look at it for you, it always comes back to the same thing:

To Provide you with the best tools to succeed at a reasonable cost!

My introduction to computers and electronics came in the late 70’s with an electronics certification.  My passion for computers has only increased since then.  Over the last several years, I have been honing my coding skills taking several courses, studying books and working with the major development and graphics software available on the market.  Having developed several web sites for friends, some clients, and myself I have decided to make it my business.

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KG Web Concepts has merged with Wide World Media, LLC and am a part of their web design division. With the added resources this provides, I am able to offer services that K.G.W Design on it’s own could not and for a greatly reduced rate over our competitors. However, do not let our prices fool you – You will get full service and a site that you can be proud of and most of all bring in business.

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Company Information

KG Web Concepts along with our parent company Wide World Media, LLC, provide to our clients the full resources of a staff with over 30 years of experience in computers, web design, internetmajesticslotsclub.net marketing and hosting services.  We have work locations in:

bullet Worcester, Massachusetts
bullet Fairfield, Connecticut
bullet Rye, New York where servers owned by Wide World Media, LLC are located

We take pride in providing your business with a quality internet presence.

If you have a question or would like additional information on how we may be able to assist you, Contact Us and we will be happy to provide you with further information.